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Our goal is to offer student housing accommodations without the hassles of dealing with several different leasing and sales companies. You can lease a garden home, a deluxe cable and wireless internet package all at the same time. You can also lease furniture, lease-to-own furniture, or purchase furniture at the same time. You can buy kitchen accessories, bedroom and bath linens, all in one stop! If you choose, we can handle all this on-site when you lease your garden home or duplex at the Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation without having to leave our model home. On this page and its links, you will find a wealth of information concerning leasing from The Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation and what to expect at Highlands Plantation.


  Step 1 – Complete The Paperwork
To rent a garden home or duplex from our management, you and your roommates each must complete the following documents.
  1. Application (three pages filled out by each resident) – Don’t leave any blank spaces

  2. Lease Guaranty (three pages filled out, signed by resident and guarantor's signature being notarized) We have an application and lease guaranty forms available for download in Adobe PDF format. You can download it now by clicking on the application button. If you do not have Adobe acrobat on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking the Adobe button.


Step 2 – We Must Receive The Application And Guarantor Forms To Begin Your Request
You can fax your “Application” and “Lease Guaranty” to (662) 323-9848 or email to If you fax or email these forms, we will need the original signed and notarized documents. They can be mailed to The Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation at 781 St. Andrews Lane, Starkville, MS 39759. Once we have received your Application and Lease Guarantor Form, and management has approved, you will be able to sign your lease. We cannot hold any garden home or duplex; so until all paperwork is signed and notarized, the rental unit of your choice and price will still be on the market for rent.
Step 3 – Pay Your Application Fee, Holding Fee And Sign Your Lease
Next, schedule an appointment to sign all leases on the property. Remember, although your application has been approved, the rental unit is still on the market until all leases have been signed and notarized by all residents and guarantors and all deposits paid; so until all paperwork is signed and notarized, the rental unit of your choice and price will still be on the market for rent.

All residents on the lease must be present at the lease signing or they must have their signatures notarized. At the lease signing, each person on the lease will need to bring a valid ID, a $25 application fee payable to Garden Homes (no cash), and the “Holding Fee” payable to “Garden Homes Escrow”. The “Holding Fee” will be equal to one month’s rent and must be a separate check (made payable to “Garden Homes Escrow”) from the application fee. Sometimes the deposit is larger than one month's rent if we offer a special rent rate.

If you have a roommate who cannot be present, then the other members of the group can lease the unit and will be responsible for the entire lease amount until such time as the absentee tenant comes in and is added to the lease at a later date or they can sign via email, U.S. Mail or fax. If emailed or faxed, the original signed and notarized copy needs to be mailed to our office.
Step 4 - We can help!
We know that securing housing can be a stressful process, but we are available with knowledgeable, friendly leasing consultants. If you or your parents/guarantors have any questions, please call or email one of us at the office and we will be glad to answer your questions about the leasing process, the paperwork, the Garden Homes Management philosophy, our properties, or anything else. If you are worried about completing your paperwork correctly, please feel free to bring it in to our office in advance, or call for assistance and we will make sure everything is correct so that you can sign for the unit you desire without delay.

Once you understand the leasing process described above, please read the "Frequently Asked Questions"
  All information taken during the application and leasing process is private and confidential. No keys to your unit are given out unless you are our tenant or their guarantor.


  After years of managing at Highlands Plantation, we have compiled the 30 most frequently asked questions concerning leasing a Garden Home or Duplex at Highlands Plantation. These questions probably will answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions"


  Our normal lease term is from August through July 20th each year. You sign and pay for a 1 year lease and you are able to move in between August 9th and you must move out no later than July 20th , at 5:00pm of the following year unless you renew your lease in advance. Management must prepare the vacated units for the new residents each year and during this time period between July 20th and August 9th management paints, cleans, repairs and replaces any damage. All leases signed after August each year will terminate July 20th of the following year unless otherwise provided. Many residents leasing a unit for the second semester in January sign a 19 month lease that end on July 20th of the following year. These lease periods are negotiable. No personal property can be stored on rental unit premises prior to the lease begin date.


  A Non-Refundable "Holding Fee" equal to one month's rent or more will be required upon acceptance of application to lease. The Holding Fee will be used for damages, cleaning, unpaid debt, utilities, grounds cleanup and to remove and haul off any personal items left etc.. A portion of the Holding Fee will be applied to basic carpet care. Any remaining portion will be refunded within 45 days after move out and the Non- Refundable Holding Fee portion will be applied to basic carpet care and is not refundable or transferrable.


  The monthly rent is due on or before the first day of each month. There will be late charge penalties on any rent received after 5:00pm on the 4th day of each month and these late fees continues to accrue until rent and late fees are paid in full. All returned checks will be assessed a $50.00 service charge plus the applicable late charges agreed to in the lease agreement. The returned check must then be replaced with a cashier’s check or money order upon demand.


  We accept checks, money orders, bank cashier’s checks for rent or holding fees or any cost resident owes management company. We do not accept cash or any credit cards, however we do accept the following debit cards for all payments:

All initial payment of security deposits, pet deposits, 1st month's rent, furniture leasing must be paid by tenant with personal checks, banks checks or money orders. We do not accept cash or any credit cards. We accept personal checks, banks checks and money orders. All our rents are based cash equivalent (personal checks, banks checks or money order). At the tenants request we will accept bedroom rent beginning with the second month's rent with a debit card for a $10.00 transaction fee per payment per tenant not to exceed $500.00 per transaction.
  Each roommate and lease guarantor is individually liable for his or her share of the bedroom rent and late payment penalties if applicable, cable and internet service if not furnished in rent, utilities, furniture rental if applicable, holding fee or damage to their own private room or private bathroom. No Roommate shall be liable for another roommates bedroom rent, cable and internet service, furniture rental, holding fee, late fee if applicable etc. Occupancy is limited to two adults per bedroom per garden home or duplex. There is a surcharge for two occupants per bedrooms and both occupants would be required to pay their own separate holding fees.


  As pointed out above, each roommate and lease guarantor are individually liable and are obligated for their share of bedroom rent, late penalties if applicable, cable and internet if not furnished in rent, and utilities. All common areas such as the kitchen, den, ½ bath, laundry, stairs, halls, garage, storage room, porch, patio and exterior of dwelling, all bedrooms, grounds and fencing shall become joint liability. Any damage to these common areas becomes a joint liability issue and LESSOR shall look to all residents and guarantors jointly for payment of any cost involved in replacing or making the necessary repairs that occur or are accessed in these areas.


  There are many floor plans including 2 and 3 bedrooms duplexes, 1 and 2 bedroom duplexes and 3 and 4 bedroom garden homes. Each property has sufficient parking depending on size and number of bedrooms. Parking varies from 1 parking place per bedroom to 2 parking places per bedroom. Boats, trailers, commercial vans, recreational vehicles, campers and motorcycles are not permitted to be parked on the property at any time without the written consent of management. Only operable and licensed vehicles are permitted. All vehicles must be registered with management. Vehicles are not allowed to park on grass areas in accordance with HP Home Owners Association (HOA) rules and regulations. Violations can result in onsite security issuing fines and your vehicle being towed without notice at residents and guarantor’s expense.


  The Gardens Homes of Highlands Plantation internet is furnished in all rent packages. Our internet package is 25% faster than the standard package offered to other Highlands Plantation properties not managed by Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation. Faster downloads and faster uploads. This is a major competitive advantage Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation is able to offer to it’s tenants only.


  Included in your rent each month is Direct TV Digital Programming “Choice” Package that includes 150 Digital Channels, including local channels and music channels.  As of this printing included in our package are over 63 High Definition channels. We offer the finest picture and sound available with our superb signal; the picture is crisp and crystal clear. Sound is also with quality reproduction normally found only on CDs.  Click here to see our channel lineup and use zip code 39759

You Have More Upgrade Options With Your Personal Direct TV Account. You pay Direct TV monthly for the packages you upgrade to on your personal account.
  • OPTION #1: You can upgrade to the XTRA Package which includes 210 plus channels. This includes all basic channels plus an additional 60 channels.

  • OPTION #2: You can upgrade to the Ultimate Package which includes 285 plus channels. This includes all basic channels, plus the XTRA Package making a total of 285 channels.

  • OPTION #3: You can upgrade to the Premier Package which includes 300 plus channels. This includes all basic channels, plus the XTRA & Ultimate Package making at total of 300 plus channels.
Other Optional Channels: There are many optional channels available on your personal Direct TV account.


  We cannot give a utility cost range for electricity and water usage as there are many variables. Utility cost can vary based on square feet, ceiling height, temperature setting, light use, frequency of water usage etc. The utility cost for identical houses or duplexes can vary significant simply due to the residents living habits.


Local utility companies that provide service to Highlands Plantation are as follows:
Four County Electric 1808 Highway 25 South (662) 323-4502
Clayton Village Water 1345 Highway 82 East (662) 324-8260
East OKT Sewer 106 Miley Road (662) 324-7388
Golden Triangle Waste–
106 Miley Road (662) 324-7388
Golden Triangle Waste–
Trash Can
106 Miley Road (662) 327-6660
Terre Pittman of GSC, Inc. (662) 245-0240
MaxxSouth 3005 South Jackson St. (662) 323-1615

  Yes, we do attempt to roommate match. Everyone has different personalities, work, study, dress, sleeping, social and housekeeping habits. Some smoke and drink while others do not, some are neat and others are sloppy, some are loud while other are quiet and all of these qualities must be addressed when considering roommate matching. We make every attempt to find suitable roommates should the need arise. We do not guarantee compatible roommates when trying to match roommates. Once we have a possible match, you are given the possible roommates name and address for you and them to interview each other. If you would like to live at Highlands Plantation and do not have a roommate(s) and would like our management staff to assist you, please complete the Application-Apply Today process and then print the "Roommate Matching Form" and fill out completely and fax to our office at (662) 323-9848. or email to Click here to print the Roommate Matching Form.

  The management company and the owner of the property do not carry renters insurance or any type insurance on your furniture and personal belongings. Should a fire, burglary, water leak or other casualty occur at the residence you lease during your occupancy, you will have no coverage from management or the owner. Renters insurance to protect your furniture and personal belongings is available from most all insurance companies. If you are a student still considered under the umbrella of your parents, you may find insurance coverage under your parent's homeowner's policy. If not, please call an insurance company of your choice to obtain "Renters Insurance Coverage".


  Highlands Plantation has random courtesy and security personnel on duty each week and on duty during peak times and especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays most evenings and all game days and major MSU events. Should an onsite emergency occur these officers can be reached at one of the following number: (601) 540-7535. These security officers are also the one's to contact if your vehicle gets towed.


  Normal maintenance request can be made Monday thru Friday during our normal business hours at (662) 323-9885. In the event of emergency maintenance after our normal business hours, please call our on call staff at (662) 364-2777.


  Once all lease documents are completed and unit is vacant and ready for move in, resident(s) will be given a move in/move out inspection form. Resident(s) shall fill out "Move In/Move Out" inspection inspection prior to move in and on the scheduled day for "Move-In Inspection" or the scheduled "Move-Out inspection report. The premises are given to resident(s) in new or undamaged condition unless otherwise noted on the Move In/Move Out Inspection Report. Resident(s) will be responsible for the repair and or replacement of any damage not noted on "Move In/Move Out Inspection Report. In the event Resident(s) does not turn in Move In/Move Out Inspection Report, then premises is considered to be in new or undamaged condition and Resident(s) waives any and all rights to dispute previous damage upon move out and shall be held accountable for any needed repairs, cleaning or damage.


  A move out inspection must be scheduled by resident, the guarantor, or someone they asked to represent them (with prior notice to management). Move out inspection appointments have to be scheduled with management and a time and date set with management at least one week prior to move out. All move out inspections are done by management, damage inspectors and professional cleaning crews. Digital pictures are taken and all findings from different inspection agents reviewed to determine what amount is to be retained and/or refunded to resident(s) forwarding address given to management at the time of the move out inspection. Residents must turn in all keys issued at move in, any keys made during occupancy and garage door openers, if applicable. Resident(s) must leave utilities on (electricity and water) for the move out inspection and floor care once all have moved out and all personal property has been removed from the property. One move out inspection will be done for the complete property once all students are out. If residents do not schedule an appointment with management by 5:00pm of the lease end date, management and move out agents will go to the property and retake possession at that time and begin move out clean up and removal of anything left by residents (no matter what the value). No storage is provided after 5:00pm of the lease end date. Management or their agents cannot be held responsible for anything left after 5:00pm of move out date as stated in the lease or damage to such. If utilities are not on for move out inspection, the turn on cost and usage will be charged backed against residents holding fee plus a management fee of $100.00 to handle this for resident. (See copy of move out letter provided to residents)


  Highlands Plantation has many beautiful lakes to view, however, that make our location very appealing, however, fishing is not allowed.


  Waterbeds and aquariums are subject to management's prior written approval with a valid insurance policy on the waterbeds and aquariums. Resident(s) will be responsible for any and all damage not covered by insurance in the event of water leak damage.


  Management is not available before or after business hours or weekends to unlock your door should you become locked out. Make an extra exterior and interior bedroom door key or call on call maintenance at (662) 364-2777 so they may call an approved locksmith at residents/guarantors expense.


  Pets are prohibited without written consent of management. Pet addendums must be signed by the pet owner prior to move-in.
If approved, all of the following restrictions will apply:
    Pet Addendum must be signed by pet owner.
  • A $500 partial refundable deposit must be paid.
  • An additional $50.00 per month per pet will be charged as monthly pet rent.
  • Pets shall not exceed 40 pounds at full maturity.
  • Cats must be neutered or spayed and de-clawed.
  • No more than two (2) animals per garden home.
  • If a larger pet over 40# is Approved by Management, a $750 deposit would be charged.


  ONE STOP SHOPPING! Take the hassles out of moving. We can provide a convenient and affordable way to furnish your home. We lease, rent to own, or sell new furniture for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. We will even provide delivery and set up! Click here to see our selection. Click here to see a typical living room, dining room and bedroom furniture package set up in a garden home.


  Highlands Plantation Garden Homes is an equal opportunity housing provider. We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act and all state and local fair housing laws.


  This property management company and broker of record operates under rules, regulations, guidelines and laws of the State of Mississippi and is governed by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.



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